Not a lot of time but enough to experience some true highlights and give you a small visual taste of what this beautiful island of Boracay has to offer.


The cold rain drops beating against the windscreen of the bus we were riding, like tiny drums gone mad, were like music to my ears. We were on our way to Sibonga to visit the famous and miraculous Simala shrine to seal our petitions. It was one of those days when I can say that …


Imagine that you are on the beach one warm sunny day wearing a bikini, an overly large-framed sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat under a beach umbrella while holding a margarita. A wishful thinking I had while travelling to Bohol - the second time around - via fastcraft the other day. The peaceful view of the …


Who would have thought that this paradise dwarfed by the surrounding mountains is a picturesque location for hungry heads?


There will never be a better gloomy day like this as I have never felt surreal about today's trip where I happened to eat appetizing and delicious food served in one famous restaurant in a small city. My trip was smooth and I'm feeling lighter than the days before this moment. I came to encounter …