About Keri

Hello there! Yes, I mean you.

Welcome to my happy world and I’m glad to meet you today. You are free to take some time to stroll and read every post here in my blog.

I knew why you stumbled in this page because you were basically wondering who is this strange girl who recently popped out of instagram and started posting anything under the sun.

Well, let’s take you to another level of my autobiography. Days after my 29th birthday last February 2017, I decided to pursue my passion to influence people’s lives to become better. While my blog will focus more on my OOTDs, I will also share about travel and positivity.

I believe these 3 are happy medicines that you can take with you wherever you go. Fashion makes you feel good about yourself. Travel creates memories and makes you a better individual out of personal experience (may it be good or bad). Lastly, positivity in everything you do gives you countless possibilities and that immeasurable feeling of happiness.

I am a proud Aquarian and I always make my rules, but I tend to break them as well. My personality is really flexible and as I age gracefully, I get to know myself more.

I love adventures and I always wanted to try something new. I belong from a Christ-centered family and we cherish each other dearly.

My photographs allow me to tell about a mix of my Korean inspired and personal style. I tend to deviate often times from fashion trends since I’m (like I said) unpredictable and the industry is ever evolving. I’ll stick to my favorite quote, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” —Coco Chanel

I’ll continue sharing my passion in fashion and digital evolution with you and looking forward to inspire you the best way I can. Please reach out to me in the contact section, leave a comment or drop a simple hello!



PS: Always remember to S.M.I.L.E – See Miracles In Life Everyday

Hi, it's me KERI
Hi, it’s me