IU’s Denim Fashion

The denim wave has recently devoured my system and as long as I am seeing this trend, I will probably keep on talking about it – well maybe. For my followers who have been sticking around with me for quite some time, you definitely know that I am – and will forever be – a sucker for Korean dramas. Part of my social media detox and hibernation was accompanied by my dormant desire of uninterrupted K-drama marathon. Now writing this, I guess I’m out of my shell.

My colleague has been bugging me to watch Hotel del Luna as it features my favorite Korean idol, IU. Not only this, but the plot is thrilled with series of ghost stories. IU being the owner of Hotel del Luna is fickle, greedy and has a good taste in fashion. The latter is definitely the key reason why I have been obsessed with each episode to another.

From Audrey Hepburn looks, to Chanel leather coats, to Denim ensembles, you will surely love her killer styles in spite of her devilish attitude. This one above, with Dior’s denim cap – is my favorite.

Get her full look: Moschino Denim Jacket || Moschino Dollar Sign Skirt || Navy Beret (One, Two, Three , Four, Five) || Black Beret (One, Two, Three, Four) || Swarovski Beret (similar look in black version) || Black Off Shoulder Top ( (One, Two, Three) || Chloe Mini Bags (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) || Ankle Boots (One, Two, Three, Four) || Hoop Earrings (One, Two, Three, Four) || Pendant Necklace (One, Two, Three)

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