Imagine that you are on the beach one warm sunny day wearing a bikini, an overly large-framed sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat under a beach umbrella while holding a margarita. A wishful thinking I had while travelling to Bohol – the second time around – via fastcraft the other day.

The peaceful view of the ocean, the smashing sound of the waves, the multi-colored facade apartments built on the mountains and the warm light of the sun gently hitting my face set me in a nostalgic mood.

I remembered the first time I came here during the chaotic season. I was on the boat jam-packed with tourists who all sound gibberish and I felt so agitated and uncomfortable. But this time, I had a moment to pause and appreciate how beautiful this scenic place is.

We were off to the terminal early in the morning and I planned of a casual outfit yet popping in bold colors. Little did I know I blend on the bumbleblee-inspired theme of the port posts upon getting off the boat. I shook it off.

Later that evening, Ken arrived in Cebu. Together with Brian and April, we had a great night having sing-along at the nearest Karaoke bar. We went home with a full stomach, musically satisfied mood, and a good friend’s laugh.

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