I spent the entire Saturday hanging out with my friend Aida who seems to be equally bored on weekends as me. I lost count to how many places we’ve been that day as we spontaneously decide where to go from one place to another. Our main agenda? Jogging. She brought her clothes and I brought mine…my stocks for my bazaar. We went to the spa then visited my store in Plazuela.

She was craving for pasta and pizza so we agreed to go to the nearby mall to satisfy her cravings. I likewise thought about an early dinner but, we ended up ordering leafy greens. Since I crave for caffeine – and I could not live without it for a day – we went for coffee and spent most of the evening sitting on the soft couch and talking about anything under the sun. I think Bluejay is one of the coziest places for coffee. Can you believe I’m writing this post at 1:00 in the morning and got a cup of coffee beside me?

This Rose-Colored Pleated Cami Top just arrived from my on-hand stocks today and fell in love with it. I thought I had to try it myself. What better ensemble can you pair this with if not with a White Buttoned Top, a Ripped Jeans and a Criss Cross sandal. This cute Rose-Colored Ribbon I borrowed from my sister topped everything. Tried the winged eyeliner and I must say I channeled my inner Korean that day.

As for our jogging, we will do it some other time.

Outfit: Pleated Cami Top (thrift),  White Longsleeves Top (similar here),  Ripped Jeans (Korean, shop styles here), Criss Cross Sandals (Forever 21, you may wear them with white sneakers here, here & here), Ribbon Clip (various colors here), Earrings (Korean, choose other designs here)

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