It was one of those mornings when you wake up and you’re feeling grateful for all the things that you’re blessed with, where not a second would pass not being blissfully thankful for what you have. I went out of the house to see a tree full of violet flowers peacefully blooming like if its spring. Well, we never experience spring in the Philippines.

I ran back inside the house, got my camera and snapped a photo of this wonderful creation delightfully brightening my day. The sun is too perfect not to capture photos outdoors. Tried to put makeup on after learning a few tricks on how to apply gradient lipstick, and I thought it was a fail. I love to learn new things because it makes my heart race while I bring it into play.

My sister Kara and I, took a couple of photos before I finally decided to post a few of them. You see, I was only flaunting my tassel earrings which is one of my favorite pieces from my Korean collection. I have them for a while now and it seems after a few years, tassel will never go out of style. What do you think? So I decided to add a little more in my earrings collection which will be live in my site tonight at 8pm.


Outfit: Tricolor Korean tassel earrings (more to choose here), Korean Denim Blouse (similar version here), L’oreal Glamour Fuschia lipstick

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