Smart Casual


So I’ve been missing in action (MIA) for almost two months now and I have never felt so guilty not being able to update my blog regularly. This outfit was taken more than a month ago, and while scrolling to find something to post, I came across these images. I almost giggled at the thought that I requested Bryan to take a few shots so I can flaunt my smart casual attire but I forgot I had some dirt smeared on my forehead since this was taken during Ash Wednesday.

It may not be the first time I used this pink sweater which I bought from one of my op-shopping months ago. The unique texture from its felt fabric obviously completed my smart casual look. I only had a few pictures taken since I shy away from my colleagues guessing what we were doing the entire break time. Unfortunately, these are the best ones we got. Maybe some people thought I was insane trying to pose in the hallway like a frustrated model, but instead its just some ordinary struggle in the life of a blogger. Did I just self proclaim? Don’t answer that anyway.

I uploaded tons of dresses and new earrings to choose from so make sure you visit my shop and see those “fresh” items by yourselves. I’m also currently running a giveaway on my Instagram to which everyone can join for a chance to win a lovely dress from me.

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Outfit: Pearl studded sweater (thrift), High waist skinny jeans (see various styles), White Button Up Shirt (Korean), Pink Velvet Pumps (Velvet), Fresh Water Pearls (gifted)


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