I finally got the chance to wear some variety from my repetitive outfit for the past few days. It’s like painting this white space, surrounding me, with pink and prints.

Found this chic cropped blazer somewhere in the pile of old clothes in our house and it seemed to perfectly fit my today’s white fitted dress. Paired it with a cute rose gold stud earrings and necklace. What can you say? How about I add some squishy adorable office accessories? I think I swoon over pink stuff these days.

So, I’m off to this week’s Dinagyang Party which is celebrated by the entire City yearly. It’s usually a 3-day celebration of partying and street dancing and various people are coming from different countries to witness the highlight of the festivity on Sunday. Has anyone of you attended Dinagyang before?

Outfit: White Fitted Dress (thrift), Pink Cropped Cardigan (vintage), Rose Gold Necklace (korean), Gold Flats (H&M), Korean Stud Rose Gold Earrings (cute earrings here)

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