While you were sleeping

If you are a sucker for K-dramas, you know where this post is leading you into. I just finished another RomCom series today and I will have to skip a few days before beginning another series as I am still hardly sober. Who else compares watching K-drama series with getting drunk? If I were not featuring fashion, lifestyle and travel in my blog, probably most of you would think that this is another site for “Rotten Tomatoes” since this is not the first time I wrote about drama series reviews. Of course, this is only based on my own opinions which a number of you may or may not agree.

I downloaded the “VIU” application for watching Korean or Asian related movies and series so I can continuously watch it without the “red light”. While Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy truly deserves a recognition for this drama series, they also look like a good pair in real life. That makes me uncertain about the latter’s break-up with Lee Min Ho. For a brief moment, since the story line evolves about their dreams coming into real life, being a prosecutor or lawyer sounds pretty interesting for me. It also reminded me of the “Suits” american drama series.

I love how the characters carried their role lightly and the script was meticulously written and well thought of. If you love to see a combination of courtroom thrills and romantic scenes which will make your heart flutter, I would love to recommend you watch this.

Due to excessive K-drama moments, I almost forgot to upload my newest items for the weekend. Herewith then is my newest collection of earrings for January. Visit my shop to see them here.

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