New Year Giveaway

Molo Mansion Korean fashion Korean FashionMolo MansionMolo Mansion

My 2017 was full of inspirations and achievements and so it became my 2018’s challenge to be better. I could never end the year without being grateful and optimistic for another chance to be always at my best when I look back to all the good times.

I will never forget the people who became a great part of this roller coaster ride. Living in the City of Love maybe proved that there is much more than just love around. I couldn’t help but be emotional with the simple things around me and molded me to become who I am today. I have bigger goals now and I silently pray for the best things to come.

To give back in gradual amounts, I’m giving away any item from my site whichever my follower would love to take away. Simply refer my instagram account by clicking “Send Profile as Message” and send my account to your friends as referral. Screenshot my instagram image for this post with the hashtag #stylekeriNYgiveaway and leave me a little note. Simply leave comments on any of my images posted so I can see your names often. Giveaway ends on January 15.

My bazaar will be extended for the time being until January 31 this year in Molo Mansion. If you happen to drop by, please say HI. You may bring your friends too.

May overflowing love and happiness be yours this 2018.

Outfit: Korean silver necklace (see other items), Round Silver Necklace (given as gift), Fishnet inner top, Korean Fleece Dress (see other colors available), H&M gold flats

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