December Diary

December came swiftly and parties, gatherings, events, reunions, and bazaar openings filled up my calendar for the holidays. No one could be busier but who does not love celebrations more than I do. We always get to spend time with our loved ones whom we rarely meet atleast once a year. While most celebrations are spent for exchanging gifts, celebrating life, unfortunately some of them are for friends leaving the country. I do love opportunities as well because it brings excitement and new ventures. I could not be happier with friends who wanted greener pasteurs.

I barely had time to write all my activities down and I really feel like suddenly distressing through my blog. I always treat my blog as my diary and I love how I can deeply connect with my readers in the most sincere way. No clichés. It was my first time to join a bazaar and I thought it was going to be effortless. I had to pack the things I need, my stocks and running around back and forth only to find out I have a handful of items left at home.

The most ridiculous part? I had 2 bazaars for this month. After all the finishing touches we made on my first stall, I had to put up another one a week after. I hardly have any sleep at all but the experience was simply humbling and fulfilling. My family was ever supportive of my efforts and they understood that I had to juggle my time between work and business. Thumbs up to my sisters and mom for lending me a helping hand.

This was the first time I showcased my Korean stuffs offline and I must say it was harder than I thought. I needed to ramp up my efforts so my hard work pays off. I still feel blessed and grateful after all that I went through. I did not realize how I was able to squeeze these events to my schedule but I happily survived them all.

Another chapter of my life now unfolds as 2018 is just around the corner. It only gets better as I have a lot in store for you guys. I hope you follow me through my crazy journey as we all welcome another wonderful year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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