Been spinning around in circles wearing this lovely pink Sunday dress on a warm sunny day and it couldn’t get any better than this. It’s very comfortable and soft on my skin and perfectly fits me.

Most days lately, I prefer wearing comfortable dresses as I imagine walking through the forest with a soft breeze touching my cheeks and my hair caressing my shoulders. I can clearly say that this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Maybe watching various Korean dramas makes me more dreamy than before and I think I need an antidote for the addiction to it. If you have more K-dramas in mind, please do give me a good list. I prefer happy endings as Scarlet Heart gave me a hard time to move on the last time. Suggestions, anyone?

Oh, new arrivals of my items will be live at 8pm today. Make sure to visit my site here.

Outfit: Pink buttoned dress (thrifted), black sling bag (vintage), black jelly flats (so fab), pearl dangling earrings (korean)

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