I still have not moved on from the Korean drama I recently finished watching in the last 2 days. I spent sleepless nights recalling heartbreaking episodes of the “Scarlet Heart” series and wondering if, historically, it transpired in the old era.

I have always wanted to wear Hanbok (traditional Korean attire) and travel back a thousand years ago. I think I would not last for a week knowing how heavy and layered their costumes were.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why most Korean outfits now are T-shirt dresses like the one I’m wearing above. It is neither heavy nor awkward to wear in these modern times. The floral prints received a lot of compliments and the sweet and feminine tailored shape of this number will simply suit any female.

The ribbon necklace is originally tied at the waist but it gave a more conservative look with a twist when worn at the top. I’m still thinking that it will look more lovely with dangling earrings so I ordered a few for ME and YOU. They will be live in my shop Tuesday night at 8pm.

I hope to see a lot of these dresses but the weather is cooler these days in Korea so I hope to get a handful of them before they sell out.

Korean T-shirt dress, Pearl stud earrings, Beige jelly flats

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