I have always loved the Little Black Dress for multiple styling ideas which give emphasis to the third-piece rule. I wanted to put on a black hosiery but that would make me look rather like a dancer. I preferred to wear it bare legs with my 2-inch office stilettos instead.

I paired it with my overly comfortable and ultimately soft cloak cape which gave life to my boring and old LBD. I will not deny it’s pretty old enough but I still love to wear it over again because of its perfect fit and square neck cut which you can simply accessorize with a statement necklace. I did match it with a simple silver necklace which kicked up its volume complementing the studs on my cloak cape.

My October Collection is now live on my site at exactly 8pm today. More items are landing on my shop next week so I hope you all stay tuned. I’m offering 10% off within the next 48 hours from the time my items go live so make sure you get ’em while they are hot.


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