There will never be a better gloomy day like this as I have never felt surreal about today’s trip where I happened to eat appetizing and delicious food served in one famous restaurant in a small city. My trip was smooth and I’m feeling lighter than the days before this moment. I came to encounter a small facility tucked in this small city where the owner is the architect himself and I happened to meet him personally. He resides in Hawaii and visits Philippines four times a year to run his unique business in his own brilliant way.

Every area was fantastically “instagrammable” and was completely raw from creation. Ivy vines crawled up everywhere on each building which are intentionally left to naturally enhance the concept and design of each structure. The pond and the garden has a Japanese-inspired theme and the latter has a bizarre-looking log at the middle carved by a Japanese sculptor. Can someone enlighten me what it is?

Unfortunately, I came in when the rain fell, and so I was not able to see other areas due to the uncooperative weather. On the brighter side, the feeling of being alone and the silence gave me serenity. I wanted to sit in front of those glass doors and be locked away for a day while jotting down my thoughts on my laptop while having a cup of coffee and cookies.

I can’t imagine how days went by so fast. Pinch me please.

Outfit: slitted top: Korean, sweater: thrifted, pants: thrifted, jelly flats: So Fab.

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