To brighten up the gloomy days ahead I decided to wear pastels, which made my day totally awesome and full of life. I bought this pearl-studded sweater from one of my op-shopping and I immediately fell in love with this number. The dress was one of my Zara-inspired dresses I designed myself in a different color and had it custom made. I imagined myself like a cotton candy ready to be devoured by passers-by once they set their eyes on me. I honestly wanted to eat myself too after looking in front of the mirror. My bestfriend’s fashion appetite was so contagious when she said she’s up for a Sunday OOTD and I think I got it overdressed. Did I?

I will be marking down some items I have in my shop and will be posting my new arrivals soon so I hope you guys stay tuned to my lovely October collection since my items will be vastly unique and affordable. I really love to wear them all but, I’d rather you have it first. I will be announcing them on my instagram so make sure you check them out here. For now, I’m off to try out some new pasta and enjoy the Christmas music around this shopping mall. It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas.

Outfit: Pearl studded sweater: thrifted, Fit and flare dress: custom made, block shoes: thrifted, pink polka dot handbag: Esprit

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