I never realized how time flew so fast and I’ve just checked that my latest post was a little over 2 weeks ago. I was so overwhelmed with too many responsibilities offline including church activities and working on your orders. I must congratulate the latest winner of my September giveaway yesterday ‘NINA J’ and I’m so blissfully happy I made another sister overwhelmingly grateful for her newest numbers. Soon it will be hers to flaunt. How beautiful can she get?

I’ve just checked on my blog stats and I’m unconsciously smiling seeing stable visits from my readers. Little did I know that even my male friends seemed to open up they leisurely read my blog. Oh, those little time you spent for me makes my heart grow fonder.

The last time I talked about having not to update my stocks because I’m awaiting for the latest designs from my suppliers in Korea. The seasons have changed and summer has ended. In Korea, they now welcome the fall season and we will be talking a lot about comfortable than more revealing outfits. My prior dilemma still continues as our country only have 2 seasons. But I must admit I really love the third-piece rule. Pullovers, hoodies, cute sweaters, sneakers, hats and caps and the list goes on.

It’s very sad to say there will be delays in my shipments this coming week because ‘Chuseok’ feels has finally begun in Korea and the official holiday starts from October 2 to 9 and I just received a notification from my suppliers that they won’t be shipping items from major couriers starting 26th of September. This is one of the major holidays in Korea and I won’t be having new items for a while during this time. I promise to give you a glimpse on what I have in store for you between those schedules.

This sums up my outfit that I found from one of my op-shopping a week ago. I wonder how will I ever give a twist on this vintage fit and flare dress without looking inordinately vain. My moto jacket was waving right in front of my clothes rack then ‘voila’ I found the perfect pair. Luckily it was cold yesterday so I didn’t have to pull it off once in a while.

One more thing, I’m looking for the cute Simpson sweater (with hands) that Anne Curtis was wearing the other day when Nam Ju Hyeok arrived in the Philippines. She was wearing the same outfit like Kim Bok Joo in the Korean series Weightlifting Fairy which was adorably cute! I promise to give one away when I find a piece of it, that is, if I ever find one.

Outfit: Moto patch jacket: thrift (search jackets here), printed dress: vintage (other version), sandals: forever21(shop sandals here), sunnies: georginasasha (cute version here,here & here)

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