Writing this post past midnight just proves that I’m in the mood to share my thoughts to you who have been following me through my hurdles with my online shop and juggling my time at work. The light bulb in my head suddenly flickered and a lot of ideas came through me which I honestly thought it’s best to share. Maybe it is true about the article I have read that genuine ideas come during wee hours in the morning.

My shop has been getting positive reviews from my customers and you just don’t know how much you make me absolutely happy knowing I satisfied most of you after receiving freshly delivered items at your doorsteps and thinking it came from me! I know how it feels receiving something that you truly want to order and have been dying to use it personally and I couldn’t be more glad knowing that you left sincerely positive comments after the delivery man handed your orders. These are small success for me worth celebrating.

I know that some of my instagram followers are students and they honestly leave me direct messages that they couldn’t afford some of my items which are a bit pricey due to their tight allowances and I feel so sad hearing about those things. These are some of the reasons why I am also doing giveaways once in a while to give others a chance to wear my products for free. My deepest gratitude to the beautiful Djem Jacob who currently featured my giveaway in her account and I’m overwhelmed by the entries you guys are doing. I’m feeling ecstatic by the simple thought of it and I know you’ve been dying to know soon who gets the price. You still have ample amount of time to join if you haven’t done it yet.

I’m currently waiting for the text from the guy at the post office to know if my parcel has arrived. Just like you guys, I also jump for joy everytime I see his name popping out from my phone’s screen. My newest collection might take a little while since I have been fixing some things and trying to get a hold of myself not to release them until I get the items personally since I have finally decided to post only onhand items to decrease waiting and agonizing time. I just really hope Black Arrow Express finds a better solution in sending my products faster but I couldn’t thank Shopee enough for such a generous campaign by accommodating sellers like me who can now send out cash on deliveries. This is the reason why I’m using their application for good.

If you are not well versed about Shopee yet, you know that you can always place a good offer and request for a discounted price of my item when you do really love it. I might consider and approve them when the price is right. Just don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m sending love to all my new followers since you guys really inspire me to do better ALWAYS. I hope I can give more back. If you have any request for items you want me to look for you from Korea, do send me a direct message on instagram. I’ll try my best to look them up for you. Hugs and kisses.

Saranghae ❤

One Reply to “Release”

  1. Hi ate! You have no idea on how much I adore your posts and OOTDs. They are truly a dream! I always dream of being a Fashion Stylist. Though it may sound too weird for my age right now. But heyyyy, “NEVER STOP DREAMING.” ❤

    I want to Thank you ate for being such a good insipiration. For taking us to places that you've been. For having the time and effort to share life's greatest gifts. Thank you ate! On behalf of everyone who supports this blog, your IG, your shop, Thanks ate! I am one of those who always check if there are new posts! And really, I badly want to have those PICTURE PERFECT OOTDs!!!!!
    How I wish I could thank you in person, soon. ❤

    Please continue inspiring me ate. It really means a lot to read positive blogs! Thank you and more blessings to come ate!!! Xoxo!

    -Neena L.


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