Mystic Siquijor

Korean Offshoulder Checkered Top (same here) / Korean White Shorts (love this one) / Gorgeous Choker (8 different pieces here) / Gold Loop Earrings / White Crop Jacket (love this plain version) / Levis Jeans (skinny version) / Keds White Sneakers

A week ago I went home with pockets of happiness from the experience we had in the beautiful mystic island of Siquijor. Many of us living in the Visayas have heard that Siquijor is famous for its tales of voodoo dolls long before it became a famous tourist spot. Local tourists like us were almost outnumbered by Westerners and other Asian tourists in discovering Siquijor’s beauty. It was one memorable getaway and even after three cancelled boat ride attempts, I must say it was worth it.

We arrived on a warm Saturday afternoon from an 8-hour land trip at the Dumaguete port where we can then ride the fastcraft or Ro-ro going to Siquijor island. Due to the long weekend there were limited boat trips that day. After we squeezed ourselves through the long queue to buy tickets, we decided to catch the next day’s trip first thing in the morning instead.

Staying in Dumaguete for the night wasn’t so bad after all. Rather, it was enjoyable because I was able to dine with my good friends at the famous restaurant of Lantaw. They serve really sumptuous food on a budget plus they have fast and great service. There was a huge party going on at the Boulevard but we were so tired that we decided to retire early instead so that we can stick to our original itinerary come tomorrow.

Upon successfully arriving in Siquijor the next day, we immediately dropped our things at the hotel, ate lunch at a cheap but delicious cafeteria and went to the Old Enchanted Balete Tree for our first stop. There, we had to dip our feet for a fish spa experience. It was my first time. I didn’t get tickled easily but it was a bit painful when I dipped my legs at the area where there were finger sized fishes. I did not try to dip at the area where the fishes were as big as my legs. Would you?

We then went for a broom shot, ate dirty ice cream and lighted a candle in the old Lazi Church and Convent. We were then off to our next itinerary. One of the most famous stops in Siquijor is the Cambugahay falls with a three-tiered waterfall. The highest top where people can swing through a rope for an unlimited number of times is for only 20 pesos.

We then went to Salagdoong Beach for a swim and my ultimate motive was to experience cliff diving to the 35-foot deep crystal clear waters from an estimated 50-foot high cliff. Did I do it? I did but I unfortunately fractured my coccyx (tail bone) upon hitting the water in a bad position. I had to see the doctor the day after. 😞

We got to try their famous bread Pan de Coco in the town of Enrique which was once featured in a television show. It’s ultimately freshly baked, appetizing and flavorful. It’s a must try. We also stopped over the mangrove trees in the town of Talingting to take pictures. We then ate dinner and went back to the hotel.

On our last day, we got off early in the morning to drop by the white sand beach of Bruce Resort, bought some souvenirs and then went home.

We send our heartfelt gratitude to Pokee Adventures for making this trip smooth and hassle-free. Thanks to Mikee Canaman for going out of her way in booking hotels for us during our cancelled boat trips.

How did you spend your long weekend?

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2 Replies to “Mystic Siquijor”

  1. Hi keri … I don’t reguarly read blogs nowadays since I have never been busier than ever but I find yours very interesting, informative, light and fun!!!

    It’s a mixture of fashion finds, unique travel spots, and personal insights which when combined together produce a tapestry-like effect. Everything just fits into its proper place and you are immensely entertained.

    Kudos and more power to you!


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