I had to spend one night in one of our remote offices due to my unforeseen schedule for the previous day’s itinerary. I knew I had to purchase a few thrift clothings I can wear for the next day. Fortunately, there’s a nearby shopping mall we happened to drop by which saved our next day. I bought some good knitted top and stretchable slacks which I fondly paired with my office shoes. Great affordable deal. Oh, the perks of being a salesperson.

The good side of it, I’ve always loved travelling. I spent the entire afternoon spending some good talks with my colleagues who generously emptied their schedule to accommodate my request and laughing our hearts out while passing by the calm ocean and a gentle breeze touching our cheeks on the open car windows. It was just like a movie (giggling).

I realized I had to be ALWAYS ready for the days to come as my travel becomes frequent may it be work or personal. Another long weekend is coming I wonder where my legs will take me this time.

How about you lovelies? Any getaways this weekend?

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