Lozano Hall

Me and my sister Kim had to run towards one of the old libraries during lunch time on our Sunday teaching so we can quickly capture some wonderful areas of this famous hall inside this University campus.

This place is also memorable to our older sister Kristy and her husband because this was where their prenuptial photos were likewise taken. The lightings were perfectly sneaking into the dim areas of this hall thus, creating a dramatic effect to most of my images. We were just trying out if we can get a hold on to some good photos but the shots came out to be undeniably pretty good.

I think my outfit seemed to blend well with the paintings on the wall. What do you think? One painting reminds me of my long lost artbook which I kept for a long time that had the compilation of my art collections way back in grade school. I was very emotional when I lost it because of all the hard work I put in there. Since then, I hardly ever draw.

After a series of shots, we were undeniably hungry as we returned to the classroom to eat our lunch and lucky enough there’s still food left for us to devour.

If you know this famous place, leave a comment below or make a wild guess.

Lozano HallLozano HallLozano HallLozano HallLozano HallLozano HallLozano HallLozano HallLozano Hall

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