Recently I announced the winner of my giveaway having won by one lucky lady. I believe all of you deserves another chance so, I simultaneously announced the winner together with another giveaway. With this, those who never got the chance to have the voucher which you can use to purchase from my store, will get another piece of clothing which I randomly chose.

The idea of giveaways warms my heart knowing I made someone happy even for a day.

It was one tough week. I had to travel back and forth and endure long hours of land trips . Nonetheless, I always look forward to the weekend. Sometimes I find myself sleeping the whole day to compensate my sleep deprivation or head to a spa to simply relax. Honestly, I anticipate to wear my new outfits or even challenge myself to match my ensemble. It feels so good knowing you LOOK good.

From one of my previous posts I mentioned that I went op-shopping and found some vintage pieces which are uniquely adorable. I’m dying to wear it soon. It may look odd but fashion only evolves through time. So, who cares?

I know Korean outfits are probably one of the trendiest but hey, vintage pieces are as well timeless.

Belated Happy Birthday to my sister Kristy who is the sweetest of us all.

Outfit: Buttoned Dress, Ankle Boots, Black Leather Bag (vintage), Choker Necklace (Gorgeous)

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