I’m sharing my travel that I had a week ago along with my colleagues at work wherein I took them to the white sand beauty of Alobijod, Guimaras. We literally just spent a thousand bucks (read: Pesos) for the entire travel which you can hardly do when you’re in a highly urbanized city. The thousand bucks covered for the cost of the pumpboat fare, an hour of jeepney rent driving back and forth, several seafood cuisines for lunch and island hopping fees. 

We visited SEAFDEC where rare types of fish were imported from different parts of the world to be cultured and bred by marine biologists for educational purposes. My colleagues also went swimming in Natago Island which means “hidden island” in Hiligaynon, our native language. We went to Ave Maria sandbar as well for picture taking purposes only. We were short of time but the trip was simply worth it.

Photo credits for most of my pictures belong to sir Glen by the way. We had the most ridiculous photoshoot ever since we got a novice camera owner here (me). We had to adjust my camera several times before we got the images right.

I need a photography class soon.

I think this short vacation is what I can quote as “the calm before the storm” because we had a long day ahead waiting for us on our next day’s tasks. Don’t worry, though, we survived! 

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One Reply to “Guimaras”

  1. Sun, sky & sand. As a beach baby, these things will always matter most! Living in a tropical country and being surrounded by sea has its perks; one of it is being able to go to beaches as much as possible! 😍 The waves, the heat of the sun, the clear skies! Ahhhh, the best things this life can offer! It really do makes me happy spending a day or two in the beach! 😍💖 It is my stress reliever and my happy pill! 💖 Ooooh the ECSTATIC FEELING! ✨ I know you know how it feels! Being able to flaunt out that pretty body that you’ve worked hard to achieve! Yaaaas! ✨ It makes me happy too! Please do browse my messy feed and see how much I love beaches!!! ✨💛 I wish to have another swimsuit to wear!!! I’m only 30mins away from the best beaches here in BATANGAS! 💖 That is why BEACHES really do make me happy!!!!! I know the feeling is mutual!!! Love you ate!!!

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