A few days ago I just finished selecting the winners for my first giveaway and it really warmed my heart that there are genuine people who will always appreciate what you do for them. As much as they motivate and inspire me, I also want to match and even reciprocate the love that they are giving out to me. 

Lately I have had sleepless nights because I’m thinking of ways on how to genuinely spread the love and happiness in me right now. It radiates naturally and I’m just feeling it day by day.

As I have previously promised, whether I spend sleepless nights or sleep soundly, I’m now posting my newest collection of sleepwear. I recently bought one for myself and I must say I’m loving it! Especially when you have the appropriate sleeping attire. Right? So here you go, the rest are for you to see on my Shopee. New items are now live.

❤ Keri

One Reply to “Sleep”

  1. Hi ate! My mom always told me to sleep early! That’s the best thing to do to be bautiful daw! Haha! So please don’t lose sleep ate! You have the whole day to think and to spread love! Haha! Sleep na po! Good night ate!! Mwa! :*


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