Did errands today wearing this sweater lace up dress and the only good thing about this ensemble is its comfort though it looks too warm for a sunny day. Well, its actually cool giving it’s oversize, easy to wear, ready-to-go vibe. Plus, I get to be ready for the moody weather during unexpected moments.

Went op-shopping today with my sister and I’m thinking of a closet haul lately since my clothes are extremely piling up. How about I sell and giveaway second-hand pieces? Sharing your thoughts are pretty much welcome.

Will be very busy for the weekend since packages have arrived and orders need to be packed. New items are uploaded on my Shopee site if you happen to continuously love my items from Korea. Do follow me on instagram and be the first to know when i announce my giveaways SOON!

Outfit: sweater lace up dress, keds classic white sneakers

4 Replies to “Haul”

  1. Ang ganda ng dress mo ate!!!! 😍 I love the color and it’s simplicity. Mas nakakahighlight ng ganda. Nakakafresh tingnan. 😍 At first nga ate parang ang init isuot pero like you said, it’s not. And I believe you. Nonetheless, I really like it!!! Of course, hindi ko makakalimutan to: ANG GANDAAAAAA MO! 😍


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