Look: Bandana, Korean Denim Blouse, Houndstooth Pants, Keds Sneakers, Mini Sling Bag

We all know what a “Eureka!” or “Aha!” moment is. That feeling is momentarily unforgettable and, for some, it is considered a milestone or achievement after having figured something previously incomprehensible. The latter, I admit, is an excerpt from Wikipedia. True enough I have had a few Eureka moments today by the aid of Google. I found some answers to questions I had been longing to seek that can make my shop’s marketing campaign effective. I was referring to the digital evolution that is affecting our daily lives. Though for some it may or may not work, it is proven that research creates a huge impact to successful businesses these days.

I heard the word “Eureka” from my friend Ken today as we were discussing topics anything under the sun. I knew that what commenced during the course of my whole day’s research was satisfactory, and only then I realized that small steps are worth celebrating—at least, for my self.

To those of you who lack the idea, my online shop has been with me for a little over 7 years and it was not full blown until today due to constraints from my full time job. Well hey, it took me some time to pursue this seriously because it not only gives me another stream of income but also because being a digital entrepreneur is a small yet fulfilling accomplishment.

I met a colleague last night and it warms my heart to hear him being entertained of my blogging. It inspires me to do more of this for my leisure readers. I promise I will not eat much of your time from blogging but I will be very glad to open up a bit of myself to relate to my friends and followers.

By the way, 10 new items are now live on my Shopee and I do hope you will love the newest collection as much as I do. You may click through the images to view the item on my site.

I need to go now and attend to a few events today. I do hope that all of you have a wonderful day celebrating Father’s Day.

Here’s a shout-out to my handsome and understanding Popsy John and Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there.


One Reply to “Eureka”

  1. I work for a digital agency and I can honestly say that resorting to online marketing is really helpful to businesses, esp to those companies that needs local awareness from their audience.

    I’ve been planning to buy items on Shopee because I found a looooot of items there that is cheaper than other online shops. Now that I saw your Shopee account, I think I’ll be able to push through with that. Ang gaganda ate ng mga items mo!! I want it all 😍 praying that my sweldo will be enough, tho. 😭😂


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