So I had to push myself to get up in bed this morning and I had several attempts to snooze my alarm when I remembered it was Friday and should there have been a better day, it was today. That’s because of the weekend vibes I’m feeling. 

Had to wear something Friday-ish where warmer weather can’t quickly come enough. Seriously loving this culottes and perfect for jumping off the end of this tiring week. Thinking of insanely collecting more of this for the next coming weeks.

The atmosphere in the office felt so laid back but happy because of the management convocation that was held here in Iloilo. Though I was not able to be a part of the committee due to other responsibilities, I’m glad to see my colleagues working together to make the event successful. 

After work, I’m so excited to meet with old friends for dinner served with home cooked meals by my lovely friend Kristille. Aside from beauty, she is also the best chef and baker in town. She posts her mouth-watering customized cupcakes, cakes and delicacies on her facebook page Krispee’s Sweetsinsation and she will gladly bake them for you with love.

After our delicious Korean dinner, she cooked for me and my friend Aida, which is a full-fledged lawyer, we had a little catching up conversation over wine. Oh these little things makes my heart flutter with gladness.

Korean Neck Cut Shirt
Korean Pleated Culottes
Mags High Heels (similar here)
Georgina Sasha Sunnies

3 Replies to “Wine”

  1. I have come up with a new goal: To be as fashionable and classy like you!!! In our office we are allowed to wear casual clothes. I’m okay with pants, tshirts and doll shoes for most of the time, but I sometimes want to play dress up too. I loveeee your fashion sense ate as ILY đź’ž


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