I arrived in Iloilo today on a rainy night and delayed departure caused me to become a bit exhausted. This seems to be the case everytime I get afternoon flights. The worst case that happened to me was three months ago when I got off from a seven hour delayed flight. Well, I must say I’m lucky that I just spent an hour of agonizing waiting today. At the end of it all, I am still grateful that I arrived home in one piece to be with my family.

I had a nice trip in the past two days where I got to spend a great deal of my time with my colleagues in Manila. I got to meet new friends from my department and found out that most of them are younger than me. I guess I really am old.

I had the opportunity to spend lunch with my team and we ate a half gallon of rocky road ice cream for dessert on the first day! On that same day, I was treated to dinner by Miss Peebs (shoutout to her!) in #ZuBuChon. I ate ube cheesecake for, again, dessert.

The next day we had to attend another meeting and to stop over for some coffee while waiting for our flight. Oh, let’s not forget about the Kiwi con Hielo I ate earlier, too. The café we were chilling at hung picture frames with photos using clothes pins to hold them together inside. Even I have never imagined of such a simplistic and artistic idea.

Recently, I got obsessed with nice walls may they be a collage of images, vintage pieces or paintings. I think I’m getting weirder as I get older. Or maybe, my good ol’ friend was right when she told me that I just discovered another side of me.

For now, I’ll focus on what makes me happy the most: eating dessert, wearing nice clothing, travelling, and looking at those nice walls.

I have to unpack for now so I could pack again. I’ll keep in touch with you soon, fellas. Anyeong!

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