Labor Day

Labor Day

It’s been a while since I made my last blog post. How is everyone? It was an amazing week and time flew so fast. Though I went from different places, I can barely post images and that is because I’m suffering from my skin allergy again and due to my work. 

Lately, I’m a sucker for Korean dramas and I have reached half of the episodes of “Descendants of the Sun“. The drama won several awards in Korea because of the realistic plot and witty lines by the actors. It’s about a military man who fell in love with a female doctor and several times they met during deployment. I did spend most of my weekend watching it while cuddling with pillows under the quilt and giggling until the break of dawn. The story is undeniably romantic. Do watch it and let me know your thoughts about the series.

Since today is Labor day, most of my friends are spending the holiday in LaBoracay. It’s actually a labor day party coined by party-goers in Boracay every 1st of May. I bet you were thinking I envy them. Nope, I don’t. I spent the whole day with my family and I went to Punta Villa Resort with my sisters. It’s quality time for me. There were lots of people as I have expected and mostly families.

I’ll be flying out of Iloilo soon and I will update you more often of the places I will be visiting. I’m already thinking of my next island trip this week and I’m in serious anticipation for I have not been in that place yet. Another schedule may get along the way on the day of my flight and I’m crossing my fingers it won’t. 

Other than me, I hope you all had an awesome long weekend.

Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day

Punta Villa

Korean Eyeglass
Korean Dress
Lipstick L’oreal Glamor Fuchsia
Vintage LV backpack
Necklace (from my mom)
Bracelet (Christmas gift)

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