As I have mentioned before, things fall into place when it’s, again, unplanned. While the summer sun was so bright and the air was humid one Friday afternoon, an unexpected invitation popped up from my messenger and I couldn’t say NO.

And so, I tagged along my bestfriend’s family trip to Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort to see the Fourteen Stations of the Cross Pilgrimage on Good Friday. I have been seeing several posts from my friends who visited the place and I’m thrilled to be there as well.

The travel time took about an hour from the city to the municipality of San Joaquin. We passed by the crystal clear beaches that were very tempting views. We also had to hold our breaths while we made our wishes as we passed under the Guimbal bridge along the way. I have already made several wishes at that point. Since I have lost count, I don’t know which of them have come true.

We arrived at the resort safely and because it was holy week season, there were lots of visitors at the time. We paid Php 150.00 for the entrance fee to roam the entire place. At the resort, there were livestock, a vegetable plantation, a restaurant on the hilltop, a recreational boat ride, a swimming pool and the Pilgrimage site which was our last stop.

We have to climb 480 flights of stairs before we reached the dark tunnel “going to Heaven”. As we were braving the stairs, we stopped by at each life sized Stations of the Cross.  Upon reaching the dark tunnel, there was a Sacred Heart of Jesus wall where people can pray. At the end of the tunnel was a blinding light going to “Heaven”. It was and still the most heavenly place I’ve seen so far. There were statues of saints, angels singing, a gigantic figure of Jesus and of the Cross.

You can judge the images yourself. Tell me, have you seen a place like this before?

Top: Korean (same here & here) Skirt: Korean (love this too) Shoes: Similar flats (black & gold)

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