I woke up with a peace of mind, happy and full of positivity today. Found these excerpts from Power of Positivity on Facebook and thought that it’s good to share with you lovelies. Oftentimes, I get lazy to write the things that I’m grateful every morning but then, until today, it’s still an ongoing battle. I have too many plans going on in my mind right now and I really need a good organizer for aligning and putting them into action.

Because it’s vacation, I’m lying in the living room while watching Narnia. In the scene, the casts were in the shore with Eustace turned into a dragon due to his greed in gold. They were watching the skies lit up by the stars and the moon. It made me realize how lucky I am to see the beauty of the wonderful constellation even on television. I wonder how they were made? Some thoughts to ponder on.

We have an upcoming reunion tomorrow, but it’s not an Easter party, and I get so excited on a Sunday gathering. I bought a few items from the thrift store the other day by the way and I’m going to use them personally. Maybe I can share it with you soon? Have a Saturday full of positivity!

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