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This was the day the remake of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” was aired in the Cinema. I was so excited to watch it with my friends on a Saturday evening. I remembered during high school when I was chosen as “Belle” for our stage play. Unfortunately, after days of practicing for the role that was given, it did not materialize due to time constraints and lack of funding.

I can still clearly memorize the first song Belle sang in the opening of the movie. She happily glided through the crowd and thinking she was odd among them all. Belle being herself, makes her want something more than her provincial life. Her situation -being odd- is not a bit far from mine. I admit…maybe sometimes? Emma Watson perfectly fits the role of Belle in the movie. Her intonation, her gracefulness and beauty suits her the role best.

This T-shirt dress with a rose in the middle reminds me what a coincidence wearing it and watching the movie on that same day. If you are familiar about the movie, you definitely know what I mean!

The long holy week gave me time to rest and think about a lot of things. How about you? As for me, I will sleep more. By the way, this t-shirt dress is now available in my shop but only in 2 different colors (the old rose I’m wearing is now out of stock) but don’t fret because black and white are absolutely lovely. You may also pair it with leggings. I wish you all a blessed holy week!

Hi, it's me KERIProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

T-shirt dress: Korean (love this too!)Jacket: Personal (this one is similar) Sneakers: Keds (also love this). Eyeglasses: Korean (similar here). Bag: Personal (i found 3 similar designs here, here, and here)

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