Wandering in Isla de Gigantes

Philippines is a country blessed by nature surrounded by rich seas. We travellers considered this place “a paradise”. Summer has already started and good days have come.

Normally, when my friends and I plan a trip, it doesn’t go as planned. So we had to push through another summer escapade without jotting down the details and settled to book a tour package.

We travelled three hours by land going to Carles and another hour on a passenger boat  to the island. There are only three boat trips in a day and we had to hop into one of them. Otherwise, we would have to catch the next day’s trips.

I haven’t been to a community where people greeted you warmly considering the places I have been to in the past. Because some areas do not have cellular reception, we were stuck in a small island where we could entirely relax. It felt so laid back and we were able to unwind and regain the energy drained from the fast paced city life. I had that nostalgic feeling remembering my childhood days in our province with an ocean breeze.

Isla de Gigantes is known as the Scallop Capital due to its massive supply of scallops. In fact, the scallop industry is the number 1 source of living of the residents. We bought scallops at the cheapest price per kilo EVER. Of course, our main course for breakfast, lunch and dinner were varied scallop cuisines and, still, we couldn’t get enough.

We had our own tour guide the whole trip. We went island hopping on Tangke or Salt Lake Lagoon, Cabugao Island, Sandbar, and Antonia Beach on the first day. On the next day we went spelunking in Bakwit Cave and visiting the Lighthouse. We then went home on the second day full of fun memories, pockets of happiness and 10 kilograms of scallops for our loved ones at home.

It was a splendid experience.

(for an excellent tour package referral, feel free to send me an inquiry in the contact page and I will be very glad to help you out.)

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